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Read the latest news - you can view Carbon Responsible's viewpoint on the latest news within sustainability, decarbonisation, climate tech or any carbon-related area that might help our clients navigate their journey's toward Net-Zero. Read the latest article interview with the founder and CEO of Carbon Responsible.

Artificial Intelligence robot


Gen AI and Carbon Accounting – Risks & Opportunities

Generative AI (Gen AI) is undeniably compelling. Tech giants are developing or deploying their proprietary LLMs and smaller corporations may opt to use pre-built Gen AI solutions. At Carbon Responsible, we have been thinking about how we might integrate Gen AI technologies into our service offerings. There are some catches, though...

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Direction signs (changes to ISSB and TCFD regulations)


The ISSB Takes the Helm

In July, a major development unfolded in climate-related financial disclosures: the International Sustainability Board (ISSB) took charge of monitoring compliance of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) from 2024. See how this change might affect your reporting.

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Allbirds M0.0N Shot Shoe


5 Reasons Allbirds’ New Shoe Might *Not* Be Carbon Negative

Allbirds have stuck their head above the parapet of 'greenhushing' to boldly proclaim a new carbon net zero shoe. We take a look underneath the hood and investigate, though, if these claims would stand up to ASA scrutiny here in the UK.

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Can we offset our way to net-zero?

Offsetting has grown hugely in popularity amongst corporates trying to reduce their carbon impact. But not all offsets are created equally. This article explores why you might want to consider carefully the offsets your company purchases.

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How To Choose A Carbon Accounting Partner?

Choosing the right Carbon Accounting partner is a difficult task. Take a look at some of the right questions to ask when selecting someone for your decarbonisation journey.

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The CSRD’s New Rules: What It Means For You

Starting in January 2024, the CSRD is set to become the new cornerstone of ESG regulation in the E.U. and European Economic Region. While the effectiveness of CSRD can only be judged in practice, what is clear is that it will increase both the scope and rigour of required carbon disclosure, all while affecting more, and smaller, entities.

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What upcoming policy changes might impact Scope 3 reporting?

Emissions disclosure has become an increasingly important topic amongst consumers and practitioners in the corporate world…

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How to control your Scope 3 impact

Scope 3 emissions are the hardest to control, yet this does not mean you cannot influence these categories and significantly reduce their impact…

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