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Making funding and research for life sciences more sustainable

Carbon Responsible is fortunate to work with companies from a variety of industries and LifeArc is one of our clients who are brilliantly proactive in their net zero commitments.

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LifeArc is a self-financing British medical research charity whose mission is to advance early scientific discoveries to the point where they can be developed into the next generation of diagnostics, treatments and cures.  

The Challenge  

Their in-house Sustainability Consultant, Dan Baxter turned to us in 2022 as they embarked on a Decarbonisation Analysis project. With a team of ~250 colleagues, LifeArc currently report their carbon emissions on a voluntary basis not only to showcase their commitment to learn about their own processes and challenges, but so they can make informed business decisions moving forwards. 

Dan comments, “Since my first introduction to Carbon Responsible I continue to be impressed by the capability, patience and versatility of Hugo and his team. The high-quality outputs and discussions they have delivered have driven noticeable change within LifeArc as to how carbon is viewed and addressed. I look forward to continuing to build carbon maturity under their expert guidance.” 


How have Carbon Responsible helped? 

  • Supported carbon accounting maturation to develop a strategic Net Zero roadmap including science-aligned targets, multiple years of reporting and quality improvement
  • Assessed the suitability for decarbonisation in each of their emissions sources through the level of materiality and the degree of control they possess.
  • Collaborated with LifeArc to understand ambition & budget for reduction initiatives/investment – including planned actions & recommendations
  • Reported on reduction pathways, presenting several possible emissions trajectories from low-cost to a high-cost Net Zero aligned scenario. 
  • Discussed emissions sources that can only be engaged not controlled – Suppliers and Investments – and guidance on how these areas of impact can be monitored and reduced. 
  • Recommended specific emissions reduction actions that have been modelled by CR using LifeArc’s activity-based data, including the reduction and the extent of finance required.

“All of LifeArc’s hard work of the past two years of carbon measurement and reporting has enabled us to develop an actionable and modelled Net Zero roadmap for LifeArc. Within the roadmap, several cost-based scenarios were generated to provide LifeArc with various routes to Net Zero depending on timeframe, ambition and budget” comments Alex Didcock, Senior Carbon Accounting Manager at Carbon Responsible.

LifeArc trajectories
Image Description: Just one of the many emissions reduction scenarios presented to the team based on various assumptions discussed

Alex continues: “This roadmap is being used to inform decision-making for investment into decarbonisation initiatives and to direct key stakeholder engagement. Carbon Responsible will continue to evolve and develop the service and decarbonisation model to ensure it continues to meet client needs and regulation requirements.” 


Key takeaways: 

  • The level of effort and potential capital expenditure required for LifeArc to achieve Net Zero aligned targets at their current trajectory, even with the exclusion of investment and supplier impact.  
  • LifeArc now have a detailed understanding of their emissions inventory and which areas are capable of reduction. Additionally, they have taken the first steps in detecting emissions hotspots inside both their supply chain and investment portfolio.  


Looking to disclose your carbon emissions but don’t know where to start? 

Take a look at our free emissions calculator which is designed to make the process of understanding your basic emissions as simple as possible. 

To discuss your requirements in more detail, please drop us a line to see how we can support your journey to net zero. | 020 8712 1162 

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