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Navigating the Path to Carbon Neutrality and Beyond

The Marketing Practice understand the urgent need to address climate change and reduce their carbon footprint. The advertising industry outputs roughly 3.5% of annual emissions, and they are determined to change that.


In this collaborative report “Carbon Conscious Advertising,” you will find a detailed overview of The Marketing Practice‘s current carbon emissions and the steps they have taken to minimize their environmental impact. You’ll also see the measures they are taking to improve energy efficiency, optimize their supply chain, promote sustainable practices throughout the organization, and encourage others to adopt those same practices. 

In this new carbon responsibility report, we delve into:

📺 How the advertising industry plays a key role in climate change

🔎 An analysis on the emissions from our own rebrand

💡 Key learnings for the industry moving forward

🎯 Tactics and opportunities for all future campaigns

Download our report or get in touch today if you’d like visibility on where your carbon footprint is.

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