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Our API supports over 300 calculation types for energy, fuel, freight, travel, water and waste.

For larger businesses using our API is recommended for larger data sets. The online tools are primarily for smaller business users or primary emissions impacts common to most business types. Our API supports over 300 calculation types for energy, fuel, freight, travel, and water.

If you need support for report boundary setting, data collection, bespoke front end calculators for consumers/employees, or offline carbon emissions reports contact us.

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Our Carbon Calculators

Our online reporting tools deliver core reporting outputs for external and internal company use. They are also used for consumer engagement and information. For larger companies our API is used to support internal databases and reporting of company data for over 300 emissions sources.

Energy Scope

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Scope 3

Emission Type

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How are the results broken down

Scope 1 - Fuel type

Direct emissions from fuel combustion in owned/leased vehicles and plant.

Fuel use provides the most accurate measurements for emissions and Scope 1 relates to all direct fuel emissions, that your company generates from its vehicles, plant and machinery.

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Scope 2 - Electricity, Heat & Steam

Emissions from purchased electricty, heat and steam

Electricity generation alongside purchased heat and steam comprises Scope 2 emissions. This does not include emissions from transmission and distribution which is Scope 3.


Scope 3 - Air, Rail, Vehicles, Supply Chains

Indirect emissions from use of third party services that create emissions.

For the majority of companies the biggest impact is Scope 3 which is the emissions that derive mostly from providers of transport for individuals or freight and from supply chains.

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To use our online support tools you will need information on your energy use, any fuel data for your vehicles/plant or journeys that you have undertaken, including vehicle mileage data. Contact us directly for more complex data capture or industry specific reporting.