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Online & Offline Reporting

We offer both online and offline reporting services for our clients.


Our online reporting module is designed to primarily support SMEs and support supply chain analysis. It is and can be used for larger companies with a Scope 1 & 2 requirement.

For companies with significant data sets for Scope 3 – indirect emissions, or who require Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting formats, initial reporting is undertaken by our team directly, using database uploads and support for manual formatting of uploads. For companies reporting for the first time or who have considerable data quantity/complexity, offline reporting is the more common approach, with a move to online reporting or our data feeds via API subsequently.

What It Does

Companies can enter input data, such a fuel and electricity using our online format. This format supports multiple offices, major fuel types, vehicle use and electricity, which comprise the most common emissions sources for which clients have data. It also provides impact analysis from business travel.

Companies enter the data and are able to receive an instant online report with an emailed copy.

How It Works

The data that is entered is converted into CO2e using UK Government conversion factors, producing a report that accurately apportions data entries into Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions to meet UK reporting and accounting standards. The report shows breakdowns by emissions source and Scope, along with FTE and Revenue intensity outputs.

What It Costs

Our online reporting is free for SME users until 31st October 2021. Larger companies do and can use this reporting module for free, but frequently the data quantity and number of units/offices of our larger clients, exceed the maximum data limits of the free version. For offline corporate reporting our charges start at £2400 ex VAT per report for companies who have previously reported. Charges vary considerably, with first time reporting, including data capture support, boundary setting, reduction targets, emissions policy, multiple territories and management workshops comprising a more expensive work scope.

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