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Supply Chain & Product Analysis

An increasing challenge for companies is in understanding and measuring carbon emissions impact from both products and supply chain.


These indirect emissions are optional for compliance reporting but critical to fully assessing emissions impact for companies. Supply chains at their simplest level are an export of emissions by a company in the same way that it may outsource functions that support its core operations.

We offer a supply chain analysis tool that enables companies to measure the impact of their supply chain for selected top suppliers or hundreds of suppliers in one place. This tool also helps to support our delivery of specific product and service emissions analysis.

How It Works

A company selects a number of suppliers it wishes to analyse and provides them with a dedicated supplier code. The supplier enters their emissions data online and agrees to share this with the company. The results provide a Scope 1, 2 & 3 impact analysis of each suppliers emissions and sources. The supplier agrees to share their data with the commissioning company.

What It Does

It provides an analysis of all suppliers at an emissions source level and as a scope totals. It uses revenue data to provide supplier intensity ratios. This enables a company to understand the CO2e impact of emissions for each pound/euro it spends with its suppliers. The supplier gets the benefit of their own emissions report that they can use with other clients and to inform their own reduction efforts.

What It Costs

There is a set up charge for each supplier programme, with per supplier costs starting at £100 per supplier. Recurring annual or quarterly assessments can be undertaken to measure progress. If you would like to discuss your requirements and receive a programme quote, please contact us directly.

What Next

Once a supply chain analysis is in place, companies can then work with their suppliers to improve performance, often sharing expertise on specific emissions sources. A company is able to understand how its reduction targets can be supported by its suppliers, as well as using the analysis to support carbon efficient procurement.

Companies who are required to report their emissions can increase the scope of their optional reporting and provide a complete a clear picture of emissions impact.

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