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What we do

We provide data-driven solutions & expert advisory to help our clients develop and execute decarbonization strategies.

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Our products and services support measurement, either as part of ESG frameworks or for UK and/or international GHG emissions accounting and disclosure requirements, including SECR in the UK.

Our suite of data and reporting tools are fast, automated and backed by a proprietary dataset with over 11 million datapoints. Founded in 2012, we have served clients across a number of industries and have helped to measure impact from over 45 million data points.

We work with our clients, regardless of their experience with measuring carbon, to help develop robust and actionable baseline data targets – a necessary starting point when undertaking an emissions management programme . We provide comprehensive tools, beyond just reports, for our clients to utilize with stakeholders to discuss their emissions impacts, set reduction targets, and communicate the value of managing carbon.

All of our services are coupled with expert advisory to help equip your team with the skills and vocabulary necessary to effectively articulate an emissions strategy to employees, investors or consumers. Creating an accurate view of your emissions profile and establishing reduction targets also:

  • Enhances consumer sentiment
  • Increases employee retention
  • Improves talent acquisition
  • Reinforces company values

Contact us to see how we can help your company to reduce emissions and engage with your staff and consumers.

Automated Reporting via API

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The Carbon Responsible API provides large data users with the ability to measure emissions instantly using their existing data sets. It supports our calculators and has been the cornerstone of our product suite and that of key emissions initiatives for over a decade.

  • Over 300 data points
  • Global application
  • Scope 1, 2 & 3
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Our Carbon Calculators

Our online reporting tools deliver core reporting outputs for external and internal company use. They are also used for consumer engagement and information. For larger companies our API is used to support internal databases and reporting of company data for over 300 emissions sources.

Fast reporting

Our web calculator delivers instant reporting and impact assessment for companies. This tool is only a snapshot of our data capability.

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Emissions by Scope

19.47% Scope 1

22.46% Scope 2

58.09% Scope 3

Emissions by Source

Scope 1

10.67% Stationary Fuels
4.68% Mobile Fuels
4.12% Refrigerants

Scope 2

21.9% Electricity (Grid)
0.56% Owned Electric Vehicles

Scope 3

6.36% Third-party Vehicles
1.94% Electricity (T&D)
0.19% Water
0.94% Material use
2.25% Waste
5.05% Hotels
8.23% Business Travel
20.59% Freight
12.54% Supplier Contributions
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