Carbon Responsible

Data-driven solutions, expert advisory and custom enterprise tools to support your decarbonisation strategy. Our solutions drive operational efficiency, solve regulatory hurdles, and simplify your net-zero journey.

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Our focus

End-to-end emissions management solutions


Emissions reporting is complicated, particularly for large organisations. Our specialised tool, Claros, helps companies heatmap Supply Chain & Scope 3 areas before large-scale measurement activities take place, avoiding wasted effort and uncovering quick-wins rapidly.


Understanding your organisation's emissions, in detail, using a realistic, traceable baseline supported by real data, is the only way to accurately report a reduction over time. Our reporting is fully transparent and firewalled; we will not sell you offsets once we’ve calculated your footprint.


Our tools harness your data to satisfy multiple regulatory and sector framework reporting guidelines - no having to redo this work for different stakeholders. You’ll receive fully-compliant reporting outputs from us that allow you to disclose with confidence.


With an accurate baseline in hand and your regulatory burden eased, we can advise you on the best reduction pathways for your organisation to undertake. We monitor your progress over time against your reduction targets to help you stay on course for delivering on your goals.

Market driven solutions

The key hallmarks of our solutions are:

  • Flexible, rapidly deployable custom data solutions
  • 10+ Years of Scope 3 and Supply Chain Experience
  • On-call support throughout deployment
  • Single source of data driving multiple reporting outputs
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Our Carbon Calculators

Our online reporting tools deliver core reporting outputs for external and internal company use. They are also used for consumer engagement and information. For larger companies our API is used to support internal databases and reporting of company data for over 300 emissions sources.

What gets measured gets managed

Our products and services are designed to simplify every step of the measurement, disclosure, and reduction process.

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Emissions by Scope

19.47% Scope 1

22.46% Scope 2

58.09% Scope 3

Emissions by Source

Scope 1

10.67% Stationary Fuels
4.68% Mobile Fuels
4.12% Refrigerants

Scope 2

21.9% Electricity (Grid)
0.56% Owned Electric Vehicles

Scope 3

6.36% Third-party Vehicles
1.94% Electricity (T&D)
0.19% Water
0.94% Material use
2.25% Waste
5.05% Hotels
8.23% Business Travel
20.59% Freight
12.54% Supplier Contributions
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