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    Carbon Responsible

    Our solutions support data capture, carbon measurement and disclosure for companies and their supply chains. They have evolved over a decade to keep pace with corporate demands and new regulations.

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Our focus

Measure to disclose and reduce


Carbon emissions reporting is increasingly required by companies, stimulated by investor, regulatory or voluntary drivers.


Carbon Responsible aims to simplify the process of corporate impact assessment and disclosure, using its data capture and conversion solutions.


Carbon Responsible delivers measurement and reduction strategies for emissions.


Carbon Responsible has delivered bespoke and sector specific solutions since 2012. Its databases have been operational since 2007.


It has developed considerable expertise in indirect emissions measurement, including supply chains.


Market driven solutions

The key hallmarks of our solutions are:

  • Flexible solutions for multiple industry sectors.
  • Low cost of integration and deployment.
  • Simplicity of use.
  • Adaptable for multiple reporting standards.

Carbon Responsible products support companies in the following areas:

  • Mandatory corporate reporting.
  • Voluntary reporting and reduction programmes.
  • Strategy and advisory support.


We have several reporting and data products that support our clients, in addition to our offline assessments and advisory support.

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Online &
Offline Reporting

We offer both online and offline reporting services for our clients.

  • Online company reporting
  • SECR compliant
  • Offline assessments and data capture
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Computer API code

Automated Reporting
via API

The Carbon Responsible API provides large data users with the ability to measure emissions instantly using their existing data sets. It supports our calculators and has been the cornerstone of our product suite and that of key emissions initiatives for over a decade.

  • Over 300 data points
  • Global application
  • Scope 1, 2 & 3
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Supply Chain &
Product Analysis

An increasing challenge for companies is in understanding and measuring carbon emissions impact from both products and supply chain.

  • Fast and simple impact evaluation
  • From 10 – 1,000 suppliers
  • Full product or service impact
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"What gets measured gets managed"

Making measurement simple is our aim.

From data capture, through conversion, to reporting and then reduction, our products and services are designed to make measurement simple.

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Our Carbon Calculators

Our online reporting tools deliver core reporting outputs for external and internal company use. They are also used for consumer engagement and information. For larger companies our API is used to support internal databases and reporting of company data for over 300 emissions sources.

Energy Scope

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Scope 2
Scope 3

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